Monday, October 1, 2012

Happy Days in Tz

This past week we have been busy, busy, busy with class work! We had three assignments due in three days. Two of them were papers for Wildlife Ecology and another was a paper for Swahili. Yes, we had to write a paper all in Swahili. Granted mine was only half a page and it was a lot of greetings and descriptions of where I come from and where I am staying in Tanzania. But still, we are going so fast in that class! 

Besides classes, we have been playing a lot of cards and keeping ourselves busy in the center with other random games. The other students and I are getting along smashingly. I love hanging out with so many people with common interests as me. We are all very passionate about science, specifically animals and the environment. 

On Sunday we had a non-program day and we got to sleep in! Then we chose between going to Kudu lodge where we can swim or Happy Days, which is a restaurant. I chose Happy Days and the only people there were us students and the staff of the restaurant, including Nix the owner of the place. It was a lot of fun to just relax and not worry about classes and assignments. And I got a burger, yum! Here's a picture of us at Happy Days:

After we got back from Happy Days and Kudu lodge a few of us sat in the campfire area and just talked. It's feels good to know that after only a few weeks I have made some amazing friendships here in Africa. Here's one of the cheesey happy pictures some of the girls took out in the campfire area:

Oh and last night it started to sprinkle a bit and it made me miss Oregon rain. I never thought I would have been caught saying that.

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