Wednesday, September 5, 2012

3 days!

The purpose of this blog is to keep track of the countless memories and activities that I expect to happen during the next three months and share them with friends and family. I don't typically keep journals of the things I do, so I'm completely new to this. Here goes nothing...

As I get closer to my departure, I am getting more and more excited to start this adventure of a lifetime in a whole new place. I have had a great summer filled with lots of fun and new friends that just flew by and now I can't wait for something completely new and different from anything that I have ever done. I am also soaking in as much of home while I still can. Right now, I am struggling to grasp the fact that I will be leaving the country in less than three days now. Since I have never been out of the continent, this will be a wild experience for me!

Here's a summary of what I will be doing while I'm away: I will be taking four classes while I'm in Tanzania: Techniques of wildlife Management, Wildlife Ecology, Environmental Policy and socioeconomic values, and Intro to Swahili and East African Tribal Communities. And then perform a related research project in Kenya. We will be given questions to choose from and base our research project on that are related to what we learned in the classes. We will also go on safaris and excursions throughout the semester.

Email is the best way to keep in touch, but if you want to send a letter, my address will be:

Student Name
SFS Center for Wildlife Management Studies 
P.O. Box 304
East Africa

and my email address is


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  1. Congratulations again Danielle as you embark on this exciting adventure! We will be watching your blog. Enjoy your final few days with family and friends.